Other Ways to Give

Other ways to help through International Aid:


For every dollar you spend at Meijer, International Aid could receive money back. Meijer Community Rewards program offers up to 1% back on purchases made. International Aid will receive rewards for all of your Meijer Shopping when you use cash, a pin-based debit card, or Meijer credit card and swipe your Meijer Community Rewards Card.  Excludes purchases made with checks and non-Meijer credit cards. As a member of the community rewards program, you will also receive exclusive savings offers periodically.

ENROLL TODAY AT: http://www.meijer.com/rewards

International Aid Organization Reward Code: 440130

Love to knit or crochet and are looking for a project? Crocheted and knitted bandages are highly valuable on the mission field because they are longer lasting than gauze, are easily sterilized and are reusable. Grab some friends and join with us in this project! Once you’ve knitted or crocheted as many bandages as you are willing, send them to (or drop them off at) International Aid’s headquarters: 17011 Hickory, Spring Lake MI 49456.

To make the bandages, use 100 percent cotton yarn (white, cream or ecru) and follow one of these two patterns:

Crocheted Bandage Pattern: Use a U.S. size D (3.00 mm, UK size 11) or U.S. size E (3.50 mm, UK size 9) needle and chain enough stitches (between 23 and 26) to measure 3-4 inches in width.

Row 1: Single crochet into each chain. Chain one and turn.

Row 2: Single crochet into each across row. Chain 1 and turn. Continue to single crochet to end, chain 1 and turn.

Rows 3-??: Repeat row 2 until bandage measures approximately 4 feet long. Finish by pulling thread through last loop and secure with a knot. Weave end back through stitches.

GAUGE: With an E hook, 23 chains equal 3-4 inches and about 6 rows equals one inch.


Use U.S. size 2 (2.75 mm, UK size 12) or U.S. size 3 (3.25 mm, UK size 10) knitting needles—size 2 if you knit loosely, size 3 if you knit tightly. Cast on 24-27 stitches so the bandage measures 3-4 inches across. Knit ever row until bandage is desired length of about 4 feet long. Bind off, leaving a 2-3 inch tail to weave in. (The edge looks neater if you slip the first stitch of each row instead of knitting it.)  Secure tail by slipping thread through last stitch, tying a knot, and weaving end back through stitches. ***Pattern ideas courtesy of LDS Humanitarian Services.


In many of the poverty-stricken areas we work in, blankets are rare yet needed items. At International Aid, we love to send warm, well-made blankets with our medical equipment or health product shipments so that the patients who are being treated are also warm. If you are looking for a way that you or a group of people can plug into International Aid, consider making blankets and dropping them off at IA’s headquarters in Spring Lake, Mich.

Here is a look at the type of blanket we recommend making: http://www.wikihow.com/Make-a-Fleece-Tie-Blanket

Well-made quilts are a hot commodity on the mission field. If you know how to make quilts, please consider making a donation of your work to International Aid!

We are always collecting items to be included in our hygiene kits. These hygiene kits are sent to our partners all over the world and are used to aid them in their mission to meet both the physical and spiritual needs of the people they serve.

Each hygiene kit includes:
1 12-16 oz. bottle of shampoo
1 3-6.4 oz. size bar soap
1 washcloth
1 4-6 oz. tube toothpaste (can remove from boxes)
1 6” toothbrush (individually wrapped if possible)
1 comb (unbreakable)
1 2-6 oz. hand sanitizer
1 2.5-3.5 normal size “stick” deodorant (no spray)
A heavy-duty, one-gallon sealable plastic bag to store all of the items.

To get involved in this initiative, please send needed items packaged in the plastic bag to our headquarters at 17011 Hickory, Spring Lake MI 49456.

Looking for a great way to have your classroom or youth group make a big difference? Pop Can and Loose Change Drives can be a quick and efficient way to raise money for International Aid. These are both great ways to get kids excited about giving back.  Designate a time frame (a week or two, or even a whole month) that kids will collect and bring in pop cans or loose change. At the end of the designated time frame, total up your donation amount. After sharing the amount raised with the kids, inform them that for every $1 donated to International Aid over $100 worth of aid is distributed to an area in need. For instance if your class or group raises $100, that totals $10,000 worth of aid distributed. For more information on this program please contact tim@internationalaid.org

SIMPLY…BE AN ADVOCATE for International Aid! Because internal volunteer opportunities can be limited at times, being an advocate for International Aid in the community is priceless. Share with others in the community what you know about our organization and encourage them to get involved. Together we can do amazing things to reach the world for Christ!