Read about how International Aid has responded to the recent hurricane disasters and the catastrophic aftermath that Harvey, Irma and now Maria have created!

Our President/CEO, Brian Anderson's, message on the hurricane relief status.

Hurricane Disaster Times 3
For days the news media had reported how bad it would be, and so all the preparations had been made. Everything was battened down, windows boarded up. Hundreds of thousands evacuated to nearby shelters and to any friends and loved-ones that would take them in. And then they struck three sibling hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria! They battered and drenched our southern coastlines, spilling up to 50 inches of rain in parts of ....
Stories Inside:
When Pain Is No Longer An Afterthought
Author: Sarah Rexford

When the world is hurting… When it’s not just adults crying who may have “known better” but children who are innocent…

When no one is to blame and no one is in the wrong…

Responding to tragedy can be overwhelming to figure out: what to say, what NOT to say, where to give, what to pray for.

Sometimes we just don’t know what to do....


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