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OUR EXPERTISE: Going Beyond Service
So much of the health resources that International Aid provides to partners in the field is critical to saving lives. That is why our biomedical technicians maintain the highest standard of quality when servicing medical equipment. “These are not just machines we ship to hospitals,” John German explained, “People rely on them to work because it’s about their health and about their lives. I hold to a very high sense of responsibility when I’m working....
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IF Doesn't Matter
Author: Loyd Jenkins
It occurred to me recently that if is one of the smallest words in our speech and yet contains the greatest amount of consequences. For many of us if tends to lead us through our lives. We plan around the If:
"If I get the job..."
"If I get accepted into the program..."
"If we can raise the funds..."
It’s the pivotable point where we decide to take action, one set of circumstances that results in another. Yet, we do not have....



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