Read about how International Aid has responded to the recent hurricane disasters and the catastrophic aftermath that Harvey, Irma and now Maria have created!

A message from the President, Brian Anderson, regarding the support for the hurricane disasters our country has suffered this past year.

Hope Of Health
With Toy Deliveries For Christmas
On a bitter, winter morning Brian Anderson, our President/CEO, eagerly loaded a rental truck full of stuffed beanie toys of various sizes. Out of the hundreds of shipments International Aid makes each year, this is one of the few that Brian likes to make himself. “What a blessing it is to be able to receive this opportunity to impact children in need here in the U.S. and right here in western Michigan. It gives me great joy any time International Aid is able to help here at home,” he expressed happily. It was particularly festive ....
Stories Inside:
Bringing Light To Tandala Hospital
Author: Sarah Rexford

You stomp down on the accelerator, driving as fast as you safely can to the hospital.

Someone you love is in dire need of surgery, and you hope you can get there in time. It’s late at night, and your fears grow as you rush through the darkness.

As you hurry in and your loved one is prepped for surgery, you anxiously pace in the waiting room. Palms sweaty, you hope for good news.

Hardly any time passes before you see one of the nurses approaching you.

Jumping out of your seat you eagerly await the news.....


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