Updated on November 6, 2017 @ 8 AM
It's not even been 2 months! And yet the hurricane disasters that have devastated our southern coastline and the Caribbean, seam to be the furthest thing from the media's attention. Even online updates of the disasters are hard to find. Currently, the affected areas are still in the Clean-Up Phase with Rebuilding occurring at the same time in some locations. There are generally 4 stages in disaster relief: 1) search and rescues, 2) providing basic needs such as shelter, food, water, hygiene kits, 3) clean-up and 4) rebuilding.
We are continuing to work with our partners in the hurricane disaster areas of Texas, Florida and some of the islands in the Caribbean — providing more than 12 truckloads of relief items like hygiene kits, infant formula and toddler food, disinfectant wipes, cleaning tools, bedding, paper products, soaps, shampoos and other personal care items. Recovery from the recent onslaught of these disasters will take a very long time, and there is an overwhelming amount of need. Currently we are still supplying our partners with needed health products and working to provide desperately needed medical equipment to our partners in the Caribbean.
Hurricane Harvey surprised and devastated Texas and the Gulf coast with unprecedented flood waters that soaked large areas of — and around — Houston that resulted in 88 confirmed drownings with a total of at least 90 deaths.
Hurricane Irma delivered a blow to millions of people throughout the Caribbean and the southeastern United States, leaving them to piece their lives back together in its wake. The storm contributed to the deaths of least 73 people, with 36 of those occurring in Florida, Georgia and South Carolina.
Hurricane Maria all but obliterated Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, St. Martin and many other islands where food and water was in very short supplies and resulting in at least 34 deaths. Electricity remains an issue, as only about 40% of the island's power has been restored but there isn't any confirmation of how much of the power is reaching homes, schools and hospitals.
Because of the generosity of our donor-friends, International Aid has deployed several truckloads of disaster relief aid. Our network of partners, who serve people in need in the affected areas, continue to work with us and let us know what is needed. We have provided over 10 truckloads that contained:
  • 73 Pallets of Cleaning Supplies (mops, buckets, ringers, masks)
  • 2 Pallets of Paper Products
  • 38 Pallets of Personal Care Items (toothpaste, toothbrush, assorted soaps and antibacterial soaps)
  • 10 Pallets of Personal Care Wipes
  • 35 Pallets of Household Wipes
  • 114 Pallets of Over-The-Counter Medicines
  • 18 Pallets of Hygiene Kits
  • 36 Pallets of Food (baby formula, toddler food, electrolyte beverages)
  • 19,000 Children's Books
  • and so much more
We are NO LONGER accepting product/item donations from individuals (i.e. blankets, toilet paper, soap, shampoo, toothpaste etc.).

You can also join us in Hygiene Kit Packing Events that we will keep you updated on in the coming weeks. Share our stories and posts with your family and loved ones and continue to be engaged to show our neighbors in the affected areas the love of Jesus.
You can also join us in our upcoming Hygiene Kit Packing Event this Wednesday, November 8.