Puerto Rico – Helping Its People

Author: Sarah Rexford


From the air, it looks like most houses in Puerto Rico have blue roofing. But if you get closer you can see blue roofs are not a style choice.

It’s not a blue roof. That blue you see are actually blue tarps, used all over Puerto Rico as families try to keep out the weather.

With the devastation of the hurricane, many lack basic necessities, even roofs. Electricity has been out for countless, and others are still struggling to rebuild what the hurricane demolished. Roadsides are full of downed trees and the devastation of the hurricane can be easily spotted.

Recently we sent technicians to Puerto Rico to assess the area hospitals and better understand their equipment needs.

As we engaged with the people of Puerto Rico we quickly discovered just how great the need is.

Sometimes it’s easy to see a news story and assume others will chip in and work to bring about restoration. After all, we’re only one person and can’t do much…but this mindset is far from true.

One person can do so much!

It only takes one person to put a smile on someone’s face.
It only takes one person to provide for another.

Currently the need in Puerto Rico is greater than what we can provide. You can help us impact more lives and help the people of Puerto Rico get back on their feet.

If you are interested in helping us bring relief, here are a couple ways you can get involved:


It’s hard to imagine what individuals are going through in the wake of the hurricane, but prayer goes a long way in helping those we do not have direct access to. Join us in praying for the people of Puerto Rico!


Every little bit adds together, expanding the influence of our reach. If you would like to support what International Aid is doing to help the people of Puerto Rico, simply go to “Give To I.A.” on our website.

Thank you for your prayers and support!

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