Beanie Toys at Cure Hospital

Author: Sarah Rexford

Remember being a young child and seeing beanie toys in the store and wanting one so badly? Maybe at some holiday event you ripped open the colored paper to find a plush toy inside. Think back to the joy you experienced when receiving a stuffed animal plushy.

We all most likely had favorite animals growing up: lions, dogs, kitties or little bears. All of us can probably remember that one toy we never went anywhere without.

Why? Plush toys bring comfort to children.

When children are scared or unsure, they want something to hug close and cuddle with. Most children today have some sort of soft toy or blanket to snuggle with at bedtime.

In February, beanie toys were taken to Beit Cure Hospital in Zambia. The children just loved receiving them. Being sick in a hospital, a strange place, can be unsettling–especially if Mom or Dad are not close by.

Receiving small toys to play with and cuddle brings comfort to children around the world, as we saw in the pediatric ward in the Cure hospital.

While we provided these toys for children already in the hospital, we also provided some for future patients as well. Some will be used as gifts for the child-patients to come, while others will be used as prizes in games the children play as they recover.

What a wonderful gift to children in need and which brings comfort to patients at the Cure hospital.

Remember the childhood joy you experienced receiving a new toy? Remember the smile that took your face as you cuddled your new plush toy?

Because of your support, International Aid gifted beanie toys, bringing big smiles to the faces of children in a hospital in Zambia!

Thank you for partnering with us to bring comfort to children around the globe. You never know just how much joy one beanie toy will bring to a child in need!



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