Directing health products from socially responsible corporations to health and humanitarian organizations with great ministry opportunity:

Over-The-Counter Medicines

Nonprescription medicines are safe and effective for self-treatable health conditions and symptoms such as the common cold, minor pain, allergies, and other conditions that impact large segments of a population. Many people in developing countries have very limited access to health services and rely heavily on self-care, and over-the-counter medications.

Nutritional Supplements

Though hunger is widespread, international efforts must begin somewhere. Alleviating the symptoms of acute malnutrition and hunger starts with preventing hunger early on. As a health resource to global partners, we provide nutritional supplements based upon the needs of specific areas.

Assortment of Health Items

Often some of the most overlooked needs in health clinics are simple things that can make a difference in proper care: cotton balls, bandages, latex gloves, tissues, antibacterial gels, towels, bedding and much more. We provide anything that health organizations can use effectively to support their missions in improving global health.


Despite our knowledge of the essential role vitamins play in healthy growth and development, vitamin deficiencies exist in all parts of the world. More than two billion people live with a chronic shortage of vital micronutrients – a condition known as “hidden hunger.” In developing countries, malnutrition contributes to one-third of all child deaths under-five.

Personal Care Items

Personal hygiene is the frontline of defense against disease, and it is also restorative emotionally. Whether disadvantaged by poverty, displaced with homelessness or hit with a natural disaster, having products to wash and brush your teeth is greatly impactful. Our personal care items range from soaps and shampoos to skin creams.

Other Resources

Medical and health clinics have a myriad of needs that are directly and indirectly related to medicine. So whether it's bandaids or office supplies, if it supports our partners working in the field to improve global health, we work to fill the need and place the product.

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