The Gospel, Sharing Through Our Work

Author: Sarah Rexford

“Go into all the world” is not a phrase we necessarily associate with anything other than what has been dubbed the Great Commission. Over the weekend, followers of Jesus around the globe spent time remembering His death and His resurrection. But without the resurrection, the Great Commission would be null and void.

On Sunday we celebrated Jesus rising from the dead. Without the defeat of death, Jesus’ followers–past present and future–would have no reason to follow Jesus’ parting words: Go into all the world and preach the Gospel.

Because of Jesus we are called to impact the world.

Jesus impacted the world in person for 33 years, but He has been impacting the world since God created it.

Now we get to step into the story and impact the world as well.

International Aid is privileged to have sent aid to 51 countries, all in the name of Jesus, since July of last year.

For some, being the hands of Jesus comes through verbal means.
For others, it means portraying Jesus at work.
For us, it means responding to natural disasters by bringing aid to those in need.

In all these areas, we are called to share the Gospel of the risen Jesus, and we are blessed to do so.

Since July we have brought aid to 51 countries. This means 51 more countries have the opportunity to hear the Gospel.

Jesus came impacting a world in need. We seek to also impact the world. We continue bringing aid to those in need by providing medical equipment, health products, Lab-In-A-Suitcase, and hygiene kits.

“Go into all the world and preach the Gospel.” That is no small calling. But together we can answer the call. Together we can continue reaching the world and bringing the Gospel to those in need.

It takes hard working teams to bring aid to over 50 countries. Thank you for your contribution and continual support!

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