Serving Hospitals Through Floating Doctors

Author: Sarah Rexford


We’ve probably all visited the hospital at one time or another. Checkups and immunizations usually call for a hospital visit.

We climbed into the car, fastened our seatbelt, and followed the paved road, stopping at lights or stop signs on the way.

When we pulled in to the hospital we likely found a parking space and parked between the white lines. We then used the pedestrian sidewalk to sit down in an air-conditioned waiting room.

Maybe we pick up a magazine as we wait, or perhaps more likely, pull out our phones and scroll through social media or emails.

For a moment, put yourself in the following situation where you don’t have the transportation we are accustomed to, and the nearest clinic is miles away.

You have been tasked with bringing medical supplies to a remote area in what feels to be the middle of nowhere.

The first leg of the journey is an hour boat ride, followed by a two-hour bus ride. You reach the town of Pueblo Nuevo. Here you meet with different people who come from Las Sabana. Together you load horses with medical supplies.

From here you hike four long hours.

This isn’t a relaxing walk through the park. You have to cross three rivers wearing knee-high boots because the mud is so thick.

You finally reach the hospital, carrying the vital medical supplies.

By now you’ve realized it’s not always easy to deliver badly needed medical supplies!

Floating Doctors is one of International Aid’s newer partners, and recently we were happy to provide them with medical supplies such as toothbrushes, alcohol swaps, Omeprazole, and a variety of medications.

This organization helps underserved, remote areas by providing health services. Floating Doctors deploys their medical teams on foot, boat, and at times pack horses, in order to care for patients.

We are happy to partner with Floating Doctors because of the great need of the people who they serve.

Serving remotely is usually met with unique difficulties, and we are blessed to provide this organization with necessary medical items.

As we continue serving our partners, we look forward to seeing the work God will continue to do.

Join us in prayer as we seek to bring aid to those in need!

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