So much of the health resources that International Aid provides to partners in the field is critical to saving lives. That is why our biomedical technicians maintain the highest standard of quality when servicing medical equipment. “These are not just machines we ship to hospitals,” John German explained, “People rely on them to work because it’s about their health and about their lives. I hold to a very high sense of responsibility when I’m working on them.”
International Aid works to provide medical equipment that is appropriate for our partners, so that they will not receive machines beyond their capabilities for use. Sometimes this means we have to modify the devices to meet their country’s electrical requirements to avoid power surges that could ruin them. In other circumstances, we may have to provide less technical equipment because they may not have the support or expertise to use the ones that are more advanced.
As well, we work to provide medical equipment that will be sustainable–that will last as long as possible out in the field. We understand that it is very difficult and costly to get healthcare products into some countries. Many partners are rather desperate for medical devices and supplies because they work to save lives in some of the most vulnerable areas of the world without much access to health resources. It is important that we maximize on every shipment to provide as much as we possibly can, and to multiply each dollar we receive.
Recently we had wonderful feedback from one of our partners in Dakar, Senegal. Dakar is located on a peninsula that juts out from the hump of Africa. The infant incubator and infant warmer we recently shipped has already helped in saving 10 premature babies. It is reports like this that testifies that we are, indeed, doing a world of good. Glory to God!
A Quarterly Insight Into The World of International Aid
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You may have heard about the two 7.8 earthquakes that hit Ecuador last year in April. Three cities were left in ruin: the beautiful coastal cities of Manta and Pedermales, and Portoviejo. Hundreds of thousands of people instantly became homeless, having to live in temporary residential camps setup on nearby airport properties. Over 650 people died with tens of thousands more injured.

It is astounding how God works through His people! Because of the generosity of our donors, International Aid responded to this disaster last year with three distributions of 8,400 hygiene kits. At the beginning of this year we were able to provide medical equipment to our partner, Bayside Medical Missions. This partner is located right in Portoviejo one of the hardest hit cities and specializes in orthopedic care, which involves bones and muscle treatments.

Elia Jenkins, an 11-year-old elementary student, recently had the opportunity to visit Ecuador as International Aid’s Youth Ambassador. She traveled to Portoviejo with her father, Loyd Jenkins our Director of Communications, and learned first-hand how earthquakes affect people’s lives over such a long period of time.

“It’s hard to relate, sometimes, to other peoples’ suffering until you go and see it for yourself. I know it takes a while to fix buildings, but I thought that after a year, that maybe most things would be going back to normal,” she said after returning from a tour of Portoviejo’s city center.

While at our partner-clinic, Elia worked with Flor Fellers, the clinic’s surgical nurse organizing supplies for the upcoming surgeries. Elia said that she was amazed how people were still physically affected by their injuries, almost a year after the earthquake. As well, she also learned that people were still psychologically coping from the trauma of the disaster. Elia was moved by two women that shared their experience in the earthquakes through heavy tears.

Elia gave a class presentation of International Aid and her trip at Grandville West Elementary (MI). “I am amazed at how God worked through International Aid to help so many people in Ecuador. You know God’s timing is perfect because He already had one of International Aid’s partners right there when the earthquakes hit–and they were bone doctors,” she concluded.

The hurricane was a Category 4 storm and affected millions of people. It was the first of its kind to batter Haiti in 52 years, and it created the worst humanitarian crisis in the country since the earthquake of 2010.

So much was laid waste. Areas looked like it had been hit with a bomb blast. Homes, farmland and crops, livestock, and businesses were destroyed. Clean water became scarce and Cholera resurged. Over 500 deaths initially, but that number rose to more than 1,000 people since. That was in the fall of 2016.

Fast forward six months and the country is still suffering from such tragic loss with health issues continually on the rise. Haiti is often defined by what it lacks in terms of a stable economy and solid infrastructure, which results in significant poor health and perpetual need.

International Aid provided over 2,500 hygiene kits in the immediate response to the disaster. Due to the wonderful support from our donors, we have recently shipped an array of medical equipment to our partners that serve Haiti’s poorest regions. The equipment include oxygen concentrators, vital sign monitors, defibrillators, blood pressure cuffs, infant warmers and scales, and surgical lights.

We are thankful for the giving hearts of our friends and donors who have responded to this disaster so generously. We continue to give God the glory by providing needed medical equipment and supplies.

Each month International Aid has several health organizations that request to become a partner from all around the world.

This past February we shipped to 17 different partners. We also received eight partner applications, one of whom is doing fantastic work in Haiti and Rwanda (Africa).

International Aid has just approved a partner Building Health International (BHI). This organization works to build health clinics and hospitals in the poorest regions of the world. The approach to their building projects is comprehensive. They construct the building and will work with International Aid to fill the facility with medical furnishings, equipment and supplies. As the elements come together, BHI reduces their presence until the hospital is fully self-sustaining.

We look forward to working with BHI and providing the necessary medical equipment and healthcare resources they will need.

Mother’s Day is a celebration honoring all the of our mothers, as well as motherhood and maternal bonds within the family. There is nothing like the love and care of a mother, no matter what age you might be.

International Aid recognizes the wonderful treasure of love that God has given each of us in our mothers. We are delighted to work in a health ministry where we provide medical equipment and healthcare resources that helps mothers and their children. From portable ultrasounds to infant incubators and infant warmers, our desire is to save lives and improve health so that the joy of a mother will abound.

Join with us this May 14 in celebration of Mother’s Day, in prayer and support, as we strive to provide more medical equipment that will change and save the

lives of mothers in need around the world.

From all of us here at International Aid, we wish you a wonderful and happy Mother’s Day!

You’ve saved and planned ahead… investing resources into your IRA to make sure that you and your loved ones will be provided for.

What you may not realize: Your IRA doesn’t have to be just for the future. Some of it can be used to make a difference for you — and those in need around the world — right now!

If you’re over the age of 70, you can make a charitable contribution rollover from your IRA to ministries you care about—like International Aid—of up to $100,000.

This can be done each year without adding a penny to your taxable income! Your gift counts toward your required minimum distributions, too.

But much more important than the tax benefits is the practical, compassionate aid your generosity will provide in Jesus’ name to those in need. You’ll provide medical aid, equipment, and other life-saving supplies to bring help and healing to families who are suffering around the world, including in the United States.

Please consider making a tax-wise, and life-saving, IRA rollover gift today.

Making a rollover gift from your IRA is a quick and easy process. Simply request the forms from your IRA custodian, or contact:

Bill Erickson at (616) 935-6868
Andrew Orr at (616) 935-6870

Since 2014 our hygiene kits have been shipped to many areas of disaster: Philippines, Vanuatu Islands, Nepal, Ecuador, and the southern coast of the U.S.—just to name a few. We have also provided nearly 100,000 of them to one of our partners that serves needy families on Native American reservations in the west.

Our goal is to pack 25,000 hygiene kits in one day. You, or someone you know, can help us make that happen.

If you or your group, church or business would like to help people in need and have fun doing it, then please sign up for our next Hygiene Kit Packing Event.

A little bit of time can make a huge impact in the lives of people in need around the world, and in the U.S.

Join us on July 19, 2017 for our Hygiene Kit
Packing Event from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.
at International Aid on Hickory Street

Register today for a 2 hour block of time by visiting our website at:

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