For days the news media had reported how bad it would be, and so all the preparations had been made. Everything was battened down, windows boarded up. Hundreds of thousands evacuated to nearby shelters and to any friends and loved-ones that would take them in. And then they struck — three sibling hurricanes — Harvey, Irma and Maria! They battered and drenched our southern coastlines, spilling up to 50 inches of rain in parts of Texas, Louisiana and Florida. They utterly destroyed several islands in the Caribbean as well.

The destruction was massive, mostly due to the widespread flooding. In Houston, the flood water remained for several days. Everything was soaked — homes, streets, hotels, restaurants, gas stations… everything! The loss was unimaginable. And it wasn’t just rain and river water that the people had to deal with. The water was polluted with sewage, refuse, and petroleum which made parts of the city overwhelmed with a stench. Health risks emerged from contact with the water like tetanus and Hepatitis C. Any prolonged contact with the water made people itch if they did not wash with bleach or an alcohol-based soap soon after.

International Aid responded to all of the hurricane disasters, and continues to provide truckloads of disaster relief. Because of our generous donor-friends, we were able to provide urgently needed items like: hygiene kits, cleaning tools — such as mops, buckets, ringers and face masks–antibacterial soaps, personal care items, paper products, infant formula, baby food and so much more. View the list of relief items and get hurricane disaster updates on our website:

Hygiene kits were in such demand that we held two emergency Hygiene Kit Packing Events to provide for the disasters. West Michigan came together and volunteered in such great numbers that we could not facilitate the astounding response. The events filled so quickly, we had to inform hundreds of people that we were at capacity. Yet our goals were met, and tens of thousands of hygiene kits were packed by
wonderful and very enthusiastic volunteers.

Due to the overwhelming need the disasters created, Brian Anderson traveled to Texas and met with Doug Stringer, President of Somebody Cares. They prayed together for the restoration of those suffering loss. They discussed the long-term effects of the disaster on the people — their homes, businesses and certain loss of employment. They also discussed how relief efforts and donations would quickly reduce when the news media moved on to other attention-grabbing topics.

Please, join with us in continuing to pray and support those affected by the hurricane disasters.

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