Storm rages into Mexico Beach, FL with a surge of water.
A woman spray paints a message to the hurricane that threatens catastrophic damage in Florida's panhandle area.
Massive water pounds the Gulf coast with waves over 15 feet! In this image the wave looks like a hand reaching out on shore to destroy.
Latest Update: October 10, 2018
The waiting is the worst, wondering how bad it's going to be. Now we know... it's bad!
Mexico Beach, Florida was hit with catastrophic damage and the storm is moving toward Panama City. The hurricane is a Category 5, raging in with winds at 150 mph and tornado-like destruction. Flooding and water is expected to create massive damage as millions will be affected in this horrible tropical storm.
International Aid is already in the midst of planning with partners on the ground in the area to meet the needs of the disaster victims. Please join with us in prayer for safety and that the damage will be minimal. Pray also that we'll be as effective as God would have us be as we continue to work to demonstrate His love to shine a light and calm the storms that threatens our lives.