Ash covered Guatemalan family flees eruption of Volcan de Fuego. (Photo: twitter)
Towns obliterated by ash, like this one in San Miguel Los Lotes. (Photo: ABC)
Volcan de Fuego (Fire Volcano) erupted June 3rd.
Join with us in prayer and deed as we help families and people in desperate need in Guatemala!
  • Guatemala authorities have ended the search for people buried by the eruption.
  • Over a million people affected
  • Thousands evacuated from their home
  • Nearly 200 still reported missing
  • Several towns covered in ash
  • Water has become an issue for the nationals in various communities.
Help us provide relief to those who are suffering in the affected areas and donate today.
Latest Update (Friday, June 8, 2018)

Latest news reports that nearly 200 people remain missing and 110 confirmed deaths, according to Sergio Cabañas, the executive secretary of Guatemala's National Coordination for Disaster Reduction.

It's unclear whether some of the people missing are among the unidentified bodies, Cabañas said. "We are not only talking about what has been described as the volcano's biggest eruption since 1974. We are talking about a tragedy, a national mourning," Guatemala President Jimmy Morales said.

Our Partner In The Area

Paradise Bound Ministries. They are boots on the ground helping with delivery of medicines and supplies to families. The workers are exhausted and need our prayers and support. We are communicating with them to determine specific needs of the people affected by the disaster.

Disaster Relief Response

It takes time to assess all of the disaster relief needs in the aftermath of the destruction.

We are putting together shipments of various disaster relief items which include: food, over-the-counter medicines, work gloves and cleaning materials and supplies.