Empty Tomb, Full Heart

Author: Sarah Rexford


It’s all because of an empty tomb.

Eggs dipped in paint, children dressed in pastel outfits, a little bit of warmer weather, and birds chirping in the still-bare tree branches. Laughter, joy, and celebration is in the air.

All because of an empty tomb.

Maybe you have plans for the occasion, to fill the house with family and friends and good smelling food, kids filling themselves with lots of candy. After all, a celebration like this should be a big one!

For those who may not be as familiar with the Gospel, celebrating an empty tomb each year may feel a little uncomfortable. After all, usually graveyards are places where the grieving go, not the celebrating.

But it’s all because of the empty tomb…  that we have life.

Jesus came so that we may have life, and have it to the full. (John 10:10)

Good Friday reminds us that in order to give us life, Jesus had to sacrifice His own life and embrace death. How unusual it may be to celebrate the death of our Lord and call it “Good Friday.” Thankfully Sunday comes soon after.

On Sunday there was an empty tomb.
On Sunday Jesus was no longer dead.
On Sunday hope arose with the Son of God.

Through salvation we have hope. Jesus came, conquered death, and brought us eternal life. We just have to accept it… believe it in our hearts… and proclaim it with our lips.

He gives Hope.
Eternal salvation.

All because of the empty tomb.

At International Aid we seek to spread this joy through serving those in need. We all have needs, spiritual and physical. Jesus came meeting those needs and we are blessed that He works through us to continue bringing hope and salvation to those in need.

It is such a privilege to be used by the risen Savior, Jesus Christ.

We celebrate because of the empty tomb.
We rejoice because of the empty tomb.
We serve because of the empty tomb.

As we move into this Easter weekend, let’s celebrate together that we an opportunity to serve Him through serving others.






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